Tatty's Dress Builder

Design your own custom wedding dress

How to customise your dress

Step one

Choose your base.
There are 9 options, available in crepe or satin and a variety of colours at request


Choose your bodice.
Lace pattern and placement will be finalised at your fittings!


Choose your sleeves.
All options can be made in lace, illusion tulle, crepe or satin


Choose your skirt.
Match your lace to your bodice or add another pattern.


Send your design to Tatty's and book your appointment to choose your fabrics.

Overlay Preview
Overlay 1 Overlay 2 Overlay 3 Overlay 4 Overlay 5 Overlay 6 Overlay 7 Overlay 8 Overlay 9 bodiceOverlay1 bodiceOverlay2 bodiceOverlay3 bodiceOverlay4 bodiceOverlay5 bodiceOverlay6 bodiceOverlay7 bodiceOverlay8 bodiceOverlay9 sleeveOverlay1 sleeveOverlay2 sleeveOverlay3 sleeveOverlay4 sleeveOverlay5 sleeveOverlay6 sleeveOverlay7 sleeveOverlay8 sleeveOverlay9 skirtOverlay1 skirtOverlay2 skirtOverlay3 skirtOverlay4 skirtOverlay5 skirtOverlay6 skirtOverlay7 skirtOverlay8 skirtOverlay9

*Price subject to fabric choices and any further changes to design

Can't find what you're looking for?

Further customisable options are available at request. Simply fill out the details of what you’d like to change in the message box, Tatty’s will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your order.


Wanting something a little more unique? Maybe a fully bespoke gown is the best option for you!