Custom made bridalwear

How to customise your dress

Step one

Choose your base.
There are 9 options, available in crepe or satin and a variety of colours at request


Choose your bodice.
Lace pattern and placement will be finalised at your fittings!


Choose your sleeves.
All options can be made in lace, illusion tulle, crepe or satin


Choose your skirt.
Match your lace to your bodice or add another pattern.


Send your design to Tatty's and book your appointment to choose your fabrics.

Welcome to Tatty’s Original, I am the owner, Tiffany. Each one of your fully bespoke orders are made from scratch by me. I work with you closely to create your dream gown and you will get to know me very well throughout your personalised, dressmaking experience. Custom wedding dresses through the Tatty’s Dress Builder feature are still heavily created by myself and you will still get to see your dress come to life with each fitting, however the bases are provided my our fantastc manufacturer, White Rose.