Why Buy Bespoke?


We have all felt the excitement of entering a store and shopping for hours to finally find that perfect dress that fits like a glove. But you’re still limited by what the store can offer.

With bespoke, there is no limit. You can design and create the perfect gown

Everyone has their own idea of what is the ‘right price’ to spend on a dress and you can easily find yourself stretching your budget because the ideal dress is over your desired cost.

Bespoke offers the answer as it allows you to indulge yourself in your dream gown with no compromises. With a set budget before sewing begins we can create a gown that is perfect for you, and your budget.



With personal appointments you will receive one-on-one treatment, discussing every part of your gown right down to the smallest detail. Over the time your dress is created you have the chance to change aspects of your design, ending with a perfect creation with no additional alteration costs.

Your gown will be made to fit you and will feel how no shop bought dress has ever felt before.

Possibly THE most frustrating part of dress shopping would be finding your dream top, with the most unflattering bottom, or the cutest flowing skirt, with a top that doesn’t suit your shape.

You can choose all your favourite aspects of each dress to create one that has everything you’re looking for.